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P.O. Box 831172
Richardson, TX  75083
West Gate
Canton First
       Directions to Canton’s West Gate via Hwy 64

As you enter Canton, cross over Hwy 19, continue on
Hwy 64 through downtown Canton and through one
stop sign by the courthouse (on your left)

You will pass the Fiesta Barn on your right and Lewis Ch
evrolet on your left.  Continue on to the first (and only) s
top light at Hwy 859.

Turn RIGHT on FM 859 and go 1/2 mile.

Turn RIGHT into the West Gate archway entrance.

Pay parking

At that point you can choose to park either in regular o
r handicapped parking.  You may board the trolley that
takes you to the gate (next to ABC Scooter) OR
you can drive down the hill to the gate and drop off the
person(s) needing the scooter and then go back up to t
he parking area and ride the trolley down.
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